The Project

The Robotics Laboratory also participates in the internationalization project PRINT, funded by CAPES, which involves several UFSC Graduate Programs. Participation takes place through a Subproject coordinated by Professor Daniel Martins and entitled “Robotics: competence in research in parallelism and reconfiguration”. In addition to the Graduate Program in Mechanical Engineering, to which this laboratory is linked, this subproject has the participation of two other Graduate Programs at UFSC: Graduate Program in Automation and Systems Engineering and Graduate Program in Pure and Applied Mathematics and also with researchers from foreign institutions.


  • Mechanical Engineering
    Henrique Simas
    Roberto Simoni
    Victor Juliano De Negri
    Rodolfo César Costa Flesch
    Edson Roberto de Pieri
    Carlos Rodrigo de Mello Roesler
    Tiago Loureiro Figaro da Costa Pinto
  • Automation and Systems:
    Leandro Buss Becker
    Ubirajara Franco Moreno
    Ricardo José Rabelo
    Eugênio de Bona Castelan Neto
  • Pure and Applied Mathematics:
    Celso Melchiades Doria
    Abdelmoubine Amar Henni
  • King’s College London
    Jian Sheng Dai
  • University College London
    Helge A Wurdemann
  • University of Salford
    Guowu Wei
  • Tsinghua University
    Jingshan Zhao
  • Beihang University
    Xilun Ding
  • Tianjin University
    Rongjie Kang
    Zhibin Song
  • Linköping University
    Anders Petter Krus

The project aims to internationalize the University and therefore has the partnership of several foreign institutions. In addition, the items that can be financed under the PrInt are:

  • Aid for Work Missions Abroad;
  • Project Maintenance Resources;
    • Scholarships abroad:
    • Ph.D. sandwich;
    • Visiting Junior Professor (former post-doctorate with an employment contract);
    • Senior Visiting Professor (former senior internship abroad);
    • Training in short courses or “summer / winter schools”.
  • Scholarships in the Country:
    • Young Talent;
    • Visiting Professor;
    • Post doctoral.

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